You may have seen me on the Paul Henry Breakfast Show as the show's social media guru. And now, I want to be yours too...

I believe in working with brands so that social media isn't confusing, rather a fun, creative and engaging way to raise your profile, brand and sales. A lot of the time it's confusing to even know where to start. Well, you start by talking to me....Here's how I can help. 

1. "I need people to know about my exciting new thing!" -

 Social media strategy and marketing for your event/product/brand launch 

Whether you're a web series, a cupcake shop or theatre, I can help you build the social media strategy and content necessary to sell your latest venture.

Whether that's a new cupcake or a new show, I can give you the starter pack social strategy to take you from scratch to sold out. Get in touch with me here for more details. 

2. "I need my business to have a social media following!" -

Social media strategy for your long term brand profile

Do you need help overall growing your brand's online following? I can help you learn how to craft your content style, your long term strategy, and build your following and community. I can train your team into social super stars, while being that creative voice of vision that you need to make your channels stand out.

Whether you're an individual or you're a business, I can show you how to build a long term strategy that will have your following in the thousands.  Get in touch with me here for more details


3. "I need someone to run my social media channels!"  - 

Content and community management for those with the vision but not the time...

So you know what you want your social to look like, you just don't have the time to take and make content? Well, I'm your girl.

If you need someone to make beautiful content and engage with your community, but you're too busy with everything else, then get in touch with me here.